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About Cora

Cora was born in a small breathtaking island known as Tahiti.

Coralie Commonly known as “Tahiticora”, is a French Polynesian glamour model and world wide web personality.

Tahiticora started her career at an early age of 17 as a “Reef Girl” in the Islands, as well as entering local beauty and talent pageants. Initially Cora had no aspirations of becoming a professional model, and so she ventured into college where she studied business management. Once graduating from college she worked as a banker for one year before making the long awaited decision to explore a new life in the United States. And what better place than the heart of Miami, Florida to make this happen.

It wasn’t long before her exotic looks were noticed around South Beach. And over the next few months she started posing for local photographers as an amateur. During that time a close friend of her’s suggested that she take some photos and send to “Supertangas”, a notorious website known for girls who are Fan Based Rated on there breathtaking bodies. Soon after becoming the most popular girl on the website,she decided to post a short and sexy video on “YouTube” sitting in a chair wearing just a thong playing an Xbox game. Within just 2 weeks her video became Viral and it received more than 1 million hits, even gaining notoriety on the renowned TV show G4 (An American game and talk show).

That short video stunt made her an Internet sensation overnight. Not long after Tahiticora became one of the most blogged about and sought after girls on the world wide web.She soon had a multitude of magazines and photographers from all over the world asking her to shoot for them.

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